RideMetric Technology


The main component of the RideMetric service is a detection engine that incorporates state of the art technologies and the phone's internal sensors to capture, measure, analyze, and classify driving behavior on the phone in real time. The detection engine provides extensive information about individual driving habits and safety, and identifying phone usage is a big part of this (every year thousands of accidents occur due to the hands-on phone usage while driving). The following events and metrics can be classified by the detection engine. Detailed and granular information can be obtained for each event.

Trip Metrics
  • Trip duration
  • Trip Started
  • Locations
  • Speed
Risky Events
  • Hard Cornering
  • Hard Braking
  • Speed Change
Phone Usage
  • Answered the call
  • Ended the call
  • Made the call
  • Text message received
  • Attempted to text or type
  • Phone Turned On/Off


In addition to its core telematics capabilities, RideMetric provides a robust set of complementary technologies that enable delivery of value-added services such as anti-texting, parental controls, access to the RideMetric cloud to the individual users for self-check, and others.


When the users install the app, they register with the RideMetric cloud service

  • When user drives, the app sends user data to service
  • The cloud service processes data and generates scores
  • Both insurance companies and users can access scores
  • Automatically activates when driving is detected
  • May display a reminder screen when the phone is accessed
  • Can disable typing while driving
  • Can disable hands-on calling while driving
  • Provides a configurable auto-reply to incoming calls and text messages
  • Incoming text messages can be read aloud

When the users install the app, they register with the RideMetric cloud service

  • Telematics Mode: The detection engine is enabled, allowing events to be recorded and uploaded to the cloud for analysis.
  • Commuter Mode: Anti-texting capabilities are enabled. Commuter Mode is a standalone application, no data connection is required.
  • Parental Mode: parents will be able to see their child's phone usage while driving.

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