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RideMetric is a powerful smartphone based telematics service that can generate real-time driving analytics for auto insurance companies. The reliability, low cost, comprehensive feature list and scalability of the platform makes it ideal for use as a Usage Based Insurance (UBI) solution.

At the core of RideMetric is a mobile application based on patented technology and sophisticated motion detection algorithms that use the phone's motion sensors to measure, analyze and record vehicle movement in real time. RideMetric records all the information about vehicle movement and hands-on phone usage in a log that can be sent to a cloud-based server platform for processing and storage. Once the app detects that the vehicle is moving, there is an option to disable hands-on use of the mobile phone until the vehicle is stopped.

Key Benefits
  • Accelerates time to market for auto insurance companies interested in providing UBI telematics solutions
  • Saves costs over traditional OBD-II based telematics solutions
  • Improves risk segmentation and retention of low risk drivers by auto insurance companies
  • Improves driving safety by protecting drivers from distractions and enabling them to score and monitor their driving habits online
  • Software-based solution minimizes or eliminates costs for procurement, maintenance and repair of specialized OBD-II plug-in telematics devices
  • May help reduce or avoid paying royalties for patents that cover plug-in UBI telematics solutions
  • Sends very limited amounts of data over wireless network
  • Reduces the number of accidents by holding drivers more accountable and preventing distractions

RideMetric utilizes the phone's motion sensors in tandem with advanced algorithms to detect and classify a wider range of driving behavior than comparable telematics solutions on the market, while eliminating the common "false-positive" errors. It is designed to maintain accuracy and reliability in most conceivable situations.

Due to the extensive capabilities of the RideMetric detection engine, it can do all these things without using GPS, which consumes a high amount of battery. If the phone is not connected to a power source, GPS may be used sparingly for validation purposes.


The mobile component presents a unique opportunity to include value added services that provide key incentives for users to adopt the service, as well as promote safer driving, such as:

  • Real-time driver feedback - gives configurable notifications to the user immediately following the detection of unsafe driving events
  • Parental monitoring
  • Driver scoring
  • Customer/employee interactive communications

A major component of RideMetric is its transparency and automatic functionality. Comparable services require the user to remember to activate the software before starting trips, or make sure the phone is mounted in a holder while driving. With RideMetric, users do not have to sacrifice any convenience.

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